“Hello, World!” PornHub, OnlyFans and theQueerdb

“Build it and they will come,” goes the famous line in the film Field of Dreams. Last week, the universe brought that message to Kevin Costner on location in Iowa and we would like to bring that message to you from DTLA today. We built it and we are ready for you to come. 

Welcome to theQueerdb, a new full service support system for Adult Content Creators.

I published this post in May because it was important to share what information we had pieced together at the beginning of our journey when COVID started. Sites that provide adult content are all in bed together and we were scared by what the fallout would mean if they all decided to abandon us. It was also a time when Section 230 was under threat of being repealed. We saw the tremendous damage it would do to our friends, and our community, so we doubled our development efforts.

Now with news of OnlyFans exiting the adult content world, even if they say it’s only “certain” types of adult content that THEY deem offensive that won’t be allowed…

We can help. We spent the last year building, testing and creating a platform to provide an alternative path to content curation, comprehensive pay equity and built in legal protections. 

Section 230 is still a controversial subject and 18 US Code § 2257 is the law of our land that creators abide by. We see the future differently than the others in adult content spaces do. We see one where WE should bear the burden for providing these services. Legal requirements are going to become more complicated in the future, so this is our way of future-proofing your content today. There is a legal clinic built into our site that gives all our creators access to the legal help they need. 

Who should pay the costs in dollars and time to comply with all of this? 

We believe we should. In order to fully comply with the laws you need more than a site that you can upload a video to. We do this type of work every day, so we have the systems already in place to help you.

  1. We provide a self-hosted file drive
  2. You upload your content and paperwork to the drive
  3. We do the rest

We are here to help you during the review, editing, legal verification and posting process of your original content. We are a second set of eyes and will only post in your Premium Hidden group when everyone agrees you look your best in both widescreen and vertical resolutions. When there are legal issues/concerns with your content, you will have access to our legal clinic online at your Star Dashboard. 

A G-rated downloadable teaser video (like those above) will also be created so that you can post to your feeds here and on other social media platforms.

Who do you want to have access to your personal data?

We are just beginning the data privacy battles. The GDPR was a great step for the World and the CCPA here in California is a great step for the United States. We know how important privacy is to our community. We remember a time not too long ago when even the IDEA of filming in a queer bar would have sounded outlandish. That is why we are owned and operated by queer people living in Los Angeles, California. A place where the laws are strict, locals rules are difficult to navigate, and has condom laws on the books. theQueerdb was built by pleasure activists to help protect and support our community as an emergent strategy.  

Okay, I know what you are probably thinking right now...

Why have I never heard of you?

Because we weren’t sure how much it was going to take to actually build it. We set out with a goal to only hire queer talent and we hit roadblocks when it came to the financial supply chains. After almost a dozen rejections we finally found a gateway that believed in our mission and was willing to take a chance on us. Once we had a gateway, we could continue developing a new subscription and payout model that puts the most money into new creators’ pockets at the beginning of their careers here. 

You can meet us and find out. We have a show at Redline DTLA on Tuesday nights at 8pm called Mercury in Retrograde. It’s a show that is part trivia, part gaming and ALL drag. Hosts Jenna Siekwah and MissShumai introduce Rising Stars each week and help them win cash and prizes (with the help of the audience). 

Every new QDB Star here will have an opportunity to join us each Tuesday to be part of the show and showcase your other talents, with your clothes on. Our goal is to help creators generate quality content, help retain subscriptions and bring our community together in an environment that allows fans to get to know the person behind the Star. 

For those who can’t make it to Redline, you can always create a free account and submit a Star application here.

This is our Field of Dreams and we look forward to becoming a new standard for support of Queer Content Creators in the Adult Content spaces.

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Welcome, to theQueerdb

We are a Video Hosting and Social Media Platform for Queer Content Creators. We value the voices of our diverse creators by providing Comprehensive Pay Equity, Supply Chain Management, Legal Support Services and a new Social Contract for Community Engagement.


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