Welcome, to theQueerdb

We are a Video Hosting and Social Media Platform for Queer Content Creators. We value the voices of our diverse creators by providing Comprehensive Pay Equity, Supply Chain Management, Legal Support Services and a new Social Contract for Community Engagement.

In the coming weeks we will open our Monthly Subscription service that gives you access to to 3 QDB Star’s (Sun, Moon and Rising) Premium Groups and Adult Content for $20/month.

You will have the option to keep or change your Sun-Moon-Rising selection before your subscription renews.

The QDB Star you select as your Sun receives $13

The QDB Star you select as your Moon receives $3

The QDB Star you select as your Rising receives $3

Who you select matters. Choose a Sun you want to Support the Most.

Check out the Event Calendar, Community Groups, Discussion Forums, a curated News Feed and our virtual Marketplace for additional infotainment options.

Mercury in Retrograde is a competition show unlike any other available on the web. Big cities, small spaces, local talent and intergalactic appeal. Meet the Team Captains Jenna Seikwah and MissShuMai in our Drag Star Intros group or at our live recordings on Tuesdays at Redline at 8:00pm

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