Mercury in Retrograde

Join us 8:00pm every Tuesday at Redline DTLA to experience a new interdimensional competition that is recorded LIVE.

Each week #TeamShuMai and #TeamJenna mentor one of their Rising Stars through challenges that test their acuity, dexterity and luminesnce using Trivia, Video Games and Performance Art.

Mercury In Retrograde - EP 01

JuNOS, an interdimensional outer space being and accountant, records Mercury in Retrograde (MiR) LIVE at Redline in DTLA every Tuesday night at 8:00pm. 


The show is recorded live so that the footage can be uploaded to the Planet Claire overlords. They review footage with meticulous attention to detail to verify recruitment is working properly. Once they are finished with their review the footage will be posted publicly for scrutiny.

Contestants who are interested in demonstrating their acuity, dexterity and luminescence for the universe to see are invited to join us on Tuesday nights at Redline and meet with a Team Captain.


Acuity challenges include trivia, pop culture and political questions. Dexterity is measured with video game challenges in games such as Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart and Frogger. Luminescence is measured in categories by your Team Captains.

To compete in the Star League, win the Drag Queen of the Universe crown and dethrone Zur, Queen of the Deluded. Team Captains recruit Rising Stars to compete in challenges, collect gem shards and earn cash prizes.

Our first Star League is the Sapphire League and each Rising Star will need to earn 20 Sapphire Gem shards from the acuity/dexterity/luminescence challenges. Once collected, they will be awarded a Sapphire Gem Pendant which earns them a cash prize. The pendant is required for access to the Sun Stone Battle Royale. 

Once 5 Rising Stars have collected Sapphire Gem Pendants the Sun Stone Battle Royale commences.

JuNOS first came to Earth when the luminescence of Miss Shu Mai and Jenna Seikwah shined bright enough to reach Planet Claire. With their help, we were able to find local accommodations at Redline in DTLA on Tuesday nights at 8:00pm. You can find all of us there to answer any additional questions you might have.

Any time you experience a tiny bit of bad luck from now until early Forever, you can blame Mercury retrograde for your woes. In mythology, Mercury is the messenger and therefore one of the main effects of Mercury being in retrograde is messages getting lost in translation.


This ranges through the entire gamut of miscommunication, from people computers short-circuiting or forgetting arrangements, while other symptoms could include things from your past returning and relationship issues.

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