We are Queer Creators who built a technological and financial support system for other Queer Creators.

Content creation takes a team so we provide full service support. You upload the content, we do the rest.

  • We do the video editing and content review to verify quality and legal use. No AI tools are used to avoid ethical/legal concerns with content.
  • Free File Drive hosted at theQueerdb for you to upload your original content to.
  • Free Email Services are included, if you want them. We know it's hard to trust your providers sometimes so we wanted to provide an alternative.
  • Marketplace to sell merchandise using one of our payment gateways. 
  • High-risk payment gateway access to provide spaces for adult content. Sex workers now have an option to use a platform that supports them both virtually and in reality.
  • Free Legal Clinic online for you to use when necessary. Content Creation takes a team, but enforcement and protection of your rights takes an army... especially when banks freeze your accounts, a platform changes payment terms or someone profits from your intellectual property.

We created a show called Mercury in Retrograde (MiR) to introduce our new Content Creating Stars both virtually and in reality.

  • We record live every Tuesday at 8:00pm at Redline DTLA. theQueerdb presents our hosts, Jenna Seikwah and Miss Shumai as they prepare new Rising Stars for battle at Planet Claire.
  • Each week a new Rising Star is challenged in Trivia and Video Games for cash and prizes, followed by a new-old-fashioned Drag Performance. 
  • Adult Content Creators who become QDB Stars here at theQueerdb can be part of the show at Redline DTLA each week. 
  • QDB Stars have the option to participate in our weekly show to showcase their talents, with their clothes on.
  • QDB Stars are encouraged to help out the Rising Star through their challenges.
  • QDB Stars can also showcase their other talents on stage to help out in any of the Performances.

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