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Everything is fine until it's not

During COVID we saw problems with few solutions and created theQueerdb, a new Social Media and Video Hosting Platform for Queer Content Creators. We use a high risk payment gateway to provide a virtual home and Marketplace for ALL Creators, including those who dabble in adult content. 

We are a full service platform that provides email, cloud storage, video production/editing and curation of all videos hosted. We do this so we can make sure all rules and laws are followed and that your intellectual property rights remain in effect. Creators are only responsible for uploading the footage to us and we take care of the rest.

Finally we are queerizing our supply chains. All owners/employees/agents/contractors/suppliers are queer identifying people from different walks in our community. Our mission is to be more social with capital by providing jobs to as many queer people as possible and charing fees differently so that creators have additional revenue streams.

We also believe in giving subscribers choices and letting them decide how their fees are divided. When subscriptions become available, Subscribers receive access of up to 3 Creators’ content for $20 plus processing.

Long story long. 
Living in DTLA while the COVID to spread through my neighborhood gave me a new appreciation of just how unfine things can be. I lost my job, my dog and a whole lot of friends. My sense of dread was too much so I escaped to the internet to review my Twitter feed and Pinterest boards. 

Instead of an escape it was a magnifying glass. Twitter users were exposing how evil everyone and everything is now. A common issue was how badly adult content creators had it. When payment terms change, deposits stop and content is removed with no hope of appeal, what can one person do on their own? I couldn’t find answers and some questions lead to black holes on the internet. Since I now had time, I let every black hole suck me in and that just led to more questions. 

When someone is young and signs on with a studio, but later changes their mind, what do they do? Is SlamRush real or fantasy? If it is fantasy wouldn’t they want to let the viewer know? If it is not fantasy, is that even legal? Where is the contact information for the company? Who owns the smaller ones? I now had infinitely more questions than answers and was extremely frustrated. Words we would use to describe ourselves are censored/ignored by the industry giants and therefore not indexed.

I asked my friend Michael how difficult it would be to crawl and scrape the internet so I could find answers to my questions. His answer led to the birth of theQueerdb, a new repository for all of the new information we will find while crawling the queer internet.

The first thing I stumbled on was that we are mostly a subgenre of a category to these huge international companies like MindGeek (Pornhub) in Montreal and Fenix International Limited (OnlyFans) in London. We found out how easy it was to index and download videos from sites and then we found those same videos on all the large websites, but for free. Our greatest discovery was really that the smaller websites were owned by the same companies who operate the larger sites. 

The writing on the wall was clear. When bad things happen, and things are no longer fine, these companies aren’t going to help us navigate a new online world. 

Net Neutrality is always up for dismantling. Trump threatened to revoke Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Content creators have a lot of legal issues to deal with. Adult content creators have even more to deal with. Standards change. Terms of Service(s) are updated. The current MO of capitalism is that companies protect themselves first, often at the sacrifice of their employees and of our community. We offer a different approach. 

We’ve got the platform.

You’ve got the looks.

Let’s make lots of money.

To stay ahead of the curve we believe that we should take responsibility for what our creators post, now. We believe it’s up to us to keep them legally informed and provide intellectual property enforcement on their behalf. This applies to all Stars on the platform, including adult content creators. We believe that we should be responsible for making sure all legal forms are signed before content is posted. Queer identifying creators needed a better solution and so theQueerdb evolved.

We see theQueerdb as a collaborative space where we handle the post-production so Stars can concentrate on creating. Here they are responsible for shooting the footage and recording the audio. Once the scenes are complete, they can upload the video to our tQdb Drive and we do the editing and post production work. When the video is ready we send a link to the Star for final review and then we post it to the Video Tab in the Star’s Premium Group. 

We remove the responsibility and worry about whether your content is legally permissible and if it will stay up. If this

All owners/editors/designers/developers/employees/affiliates are queer identifying people from big and little cities across the United States. The shirts in our marketplace are designed, created, packaged and lovingly shipped by queer people as well. Our ultimate mission is to create jobs, queerize supply chains and provide creators with the tools and support systems they need to be successful. 

Ready to work with us and find out what we can do together? Apply today to be a Star, enter the Creator Fund, and work with us to make Mercury in Retrograde a new standard in how Infotainment is delivered to the users of theQueerdb.

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Welcome, to theQueerdb

We are a Video Hosting and Social Media Platform for Queer Content Creators. We value the voices of our diverse creators by providing Comprehensive Pay Equity, Supply Chain Management, Legal Support Services and a new Social Contract for Community Engagement.


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